About me…

I’m a UX designer + researcher. a poet. a collage-artist. a runner who mostly walks. I design research projects. writing workshops. ways to get lost in art. appreciate a great interview. a phenomenal google doc. a gantt chart with all the tasks.


Part 1 :

Been There. Seen That


My dad says, “when they made you - they threw away the mold.” Let me tell you why this matters.

My path to UX is… unconventional. I shifted from my first research project on Mark Rothko to the world of K-12 public education. The catalyst being a desire to impact students, the key being an education fellowship, and the task — teach students with unique learning needs as a special education teacher for fourth and fifth graders.

I was passionate about studying, practicing, and observing how pedagogy, learning styles, facilitation methods, and especially probing questions impacted student progress- socially, emotionally, and academically.

I loved the classroom but a question kept surfacing…

How can I get more involved with designing, and advocating for, policies that directly impact students and the teaching profession?

With this guiding question, I shifted from the classroom to a national education policy & advocacy non-profit. My goal as a Communications Lead was to elevate educator-voice by working with the community to craft op-eds for media publication, train educators to speak with elected officials, and visit schools to truly understand NYC’s public K-12 school system.

Over the course of three years, I collaborated across teams and departments to ensure the mission and vision of our organization was accessible to the non-profit’s audience: educators, families, elected officials, journalists, and partner organizations. I supported the strategic re-design of the company’s website, brand, social media presence, and designed protocols for ways we could use our data-tracking systems to better understand user trends.


Part 2:

Wonder Awaits.

Austin, TX.

Now I’m Austin eating all the breakfast tacos and getting some winter sun. And…getting to know the world of UX.

Over the past few months- I’ve led two UX projects for clients:

Homobiles: I collaborated with an incredible team at General Assembly to design a ride-sharing app. The 503c non-profit, Homobiles (homo-beels) exists as a text-based ride-sharing service and the CEO, Lynn Breedlove, asked for our help to design an app for developers to build in 2019. Lynn’s service is base in San Francisco and the mission is to ensure members of the LGBTQIA community can access safe rides.

Invigorate: I was referred to a Sr. UX Researcher at Argo Design to lead a UX research project with Invigorate - a website and physical therapy program dedicated to health and wellness for the Parkinson’s Disease community.

My path here was circuitous but the road I pave is purposeful.



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